#303: Playing it Safe

The idea of language being a kind of veil between you and reality is discussed by Nietzsche in “On Truth and Lies in a Non-Moral Sense.” Foucault talks about language and reality in most of his books. The one that comes to mind is The Birth of the Clinic, mostly because he talks about doctors trying to create language without ambiguities – that is, when a doctor says of a patient that “he has broken such-and-so bone,” there shouldn’t be room for interpretation.

Derrida had something to say on the subject, but who the hell knows what it is.

If I ever start a new comic it will be called “Angry Philosophers.” Heh.

This comic is for B, because he likes innocuous things that curse. He read this and said, “This isn’t a reaction to last week or anything.”

Emily: “Nope.”

I can laugh at myself a little.

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