Em oi! sketchbook

I very rarely give any insight into the creative process behind my comics here.  Of course Bryan gets to see my scripts, notes, and other various scribblings in their incomplete state, but he is in a privileged position – most of those are pretty dull and I wouldn’t want to inflict them on anyone else.  But I thought this was too good to let it go to the recycle bin: after the jump, the original sketch of Em oi! #309: Sugar Rush.

The Siren Song of Peeps

So you can see the changes, here’s the finished version:

A "grotesquely real" rendering of a peep.  Thanks, B.I hope this has been instructive.  Check back Wednesday for a new comic!

We’ll file this one under NC740 .L86 2010 for Drawing.  Design.  Illustration — Technique — General works.

I ran, in case you’re curious, a bit over 28 miles in the past two days, including a 20-mile race in 2:56:47, so I’m tired and not going to come up with a Dewey number.  Sorry if this disappoints you.

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