Em ơi! #331: Keeping Fear Alive

"Odontophobia" is the pathological fear of dentists.So while I was driving to Barriques I heard a song on the radio.  The only lyrics I understood were “You could be a G.”  The rest of the song was in Hindi (or I assume it was Hindi).  If that is gangsta rap in India I am all for it, it was quite good.

No, okay.  I’ll tell you what you want to know: Four cavities.  Me.  Tomorrow.  So I did this comic in advance because maybe I won’t survive?  And Bryan is working the night shift out in VA, so I wanted to give him something to amuse him.

I’m not exactly afraid of dentists per se.  I’m just not fond of them.  And afraid of whirring tools in my mouth.  And afraid of pain.  When I went for my first checkup in a number of years two weeks ago, the dentist and the hygienist were trading quips about how difficult two of the cavities were going to be to fill.  That was really reassuring.  Bryan just said, “Dentistry isn’t scary.  It’s warm and fuzzy.”  I’ve been repeating this to myself like a mantra.

It is weird having to amuse myself all day and night.  Not that I am complaining about the ability to get up when I want without someone suggesting that it is too damn early and maybe I should come back to bed, but the evening does get a bit lengthy and dull.  I spent three episodes of the Daily Show/Colbert Report drawing the comic.  Then I realized it was only seven, and what the hell do I do with myself for the rest of the night?

That’s a rhetorical question.  The answer is “Go to a cafe to write overly dramatic blog posts and not do work.”

This comic is filed under RK60 .L86 2010, for Dentistry–Dentistry as a profession.  Dental hygiene as a profession–General works.  Although there is a “fear of doctors” heading, there’s no heading for fear of dentists.  Apparently all the headings contain the fear.

If you are bored and you want to see some of the hundreds of photos I take (well not really, but I take quite a few photos), you can check out my flickr site.  I will try to keep adding stuff for your amusement if you do.

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