Em ơi! #332: I Think He’s Serious

"Maybe we can go to Cold Stone and I can just...stand outside and inhale..."

In the last panel there, B is actually making fun of me–that’s something I would say.  He has never shown any concern for what he eats in conjunction with how much or how little he runs.

EDIT: So originally I had the above sentence phrased differently.  B protests that he does care about staying svelte, which is why he runs several times per week with me, lift weights, and so on.  Which is totally fair — I don’t mean to imply that he’s a slouch or not fit or something.  He’s quite fit.  Mm.

Sorry.  I got distracted.  Anyway, my point was not that he is unfit or spends his entire life eating frosting out of a canister with a spoon (which is something I have possibly done in the middle of a sugar craving, ugh), but that he doesn’t freak out when he eats too many sweets.  If I eat a lot of candy, I feel like I have to run more to run it off.  He just shrugs and eats less the next day.  Both systems work in terms of weight maintenance…but his is definitely more relaxing.  So that is how he’s making fun of me.  He’s not a monster or anything.

Anyway, I found it amusing.

Things that count as “candy”: ice cream/frozen yoghurt, candy, chocolates, flavored syrup that goes in coffee, granola bars that have chocolate chunks in them, honey-roasted peanuts, sugar-coated pastries such as cupcakes or donuts or chocolate-chip muffins.

Things that don’t count as candy: sugar or hot cocoa mix in my morning coffee or afternoon tea (I need sugar and milk to drink coffee, and without coffee I cannot function, probably.  And Bryan said he would move out.), cough drops, dried fruit.

Today is actually day two of this experiment.  It runs until the end of the day Sunday (meaning “when I go to bed”).  I drew this picture to indicate how the first two days have been:

"Meh."I had a presentation today that was quite terrifying (I hate presentations generally, that’s why I want to be a novelist and sit in a cafe and not talk to people).  Most of my energy has been directed toward that and not to thinking about the sugar I am missing out on.  I notice I want some (for example, I usually have a small sweet after dinner, and I missed that today), but it isn’t overwhelming.  Since I still get sugar in my coffee, I don’t feel totally deprived.

I probably won’t have dramatic weight loss (all the running means my weight fluctuates a lot depending on my hydration), but maybe I can restructure my diet to have fewer cookies and more apples.  Not a terrible idea.

This comic is filed under TX553.S8 L86 2010, for (you ready for this?):

Home economics–Nutrition.  Foods and food supply–Examination and analysis.  Composition.  Adulteration–Dietary studies, food values, experiments, tests, etc.–Special constituents, A-Z–Sugar

LCC almost never fails.  Amazing.

Am I the only one who does crazy experiments-of-one like this?

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    1. No more than usual when I get hungry. 🙂 I do think, “Ooh, M&Ms” every time I walk past the M&M jar, followed swiftly disappointment.

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