Em ơi! #346: There is a good reason

Not my most graceful moment.

I have had other crazy accidents in front of Bryan, but none come to mind as more mortifying than falling over on the kitchen floor one morning when I was not wearing any trousers.  In fact, I had just removed my jeans so I could put on my bike shorts (padded shorts I wear under my trousers for bike commuting comfort), and slipped on the wooden floor, which in my defense was slippery under my socks.

Bryan actually came sprinting out of the bedroom to make sure I was okay.  The funny part is, I thought he was still asleep, and was getting dressed in the kitchen so as not to wake him.  Also, I didn’t break my toe, I only stubbed it (on the fridge).

This comic is filed under PN1942.L86 2011, for Drama–Special types–Farces.  Burlesques.  Mimes–General works.  Sadly there was no specific category for “slapstick” or “physical comedy.”

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