#292: New Year’s Day

I actually did all of these thing today, including baking a loaf of whole wheat bread.  It was a very simple recipe (3 c. flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp yeast, 2 T. molasses, 2 T. butter, 1 c. warm milk, about 1/2 c. warm water), and I think it over-proofed a little (the loaf is somewhat flat) but it is delicious.  I steamed it (i.e. I put a pan of water in the oven beneath it) which gave it a really nice crust.

What can I say, I’m a runner, I like my carbs.

I also really appreciate the tired, happy feeling I get after a really intense run (10.2 miles in 14 degree weather, e.g.).  I’ve been moving slowly but efficiently through my afternoon ever since I came back, relishing the slight soreness of my muscles.  Now that the comic is done, I’ll go work on my novel for a while (I’ve also done the dishes, made some soup in addition to the bread, and done a load of laundry).

Some of the web comics I read, their authors have said, “I have so many cool things planned for the next year, I hope you stick with us.”  I do echo the first sentiment – people reading is one of the main reasons I keep at this – but I can’t say for sure what’s planned for Em oi!  It’s a diary comic for one, and so I don’t know what will happen in the next year and be chronicled.  And for another, I get bored, and when I write out more than a handful of scripts in advance I tend to decide the later ones are irrelevant or dull and move on to the next thing.  So who knows what will happen?  But it is going to be a pretty big year for me personally as well as my various sidekicks, so I hope you’ll stick around.  It should be pretty cool.

Em oi! #290: Privacy

Fucking hosting website.

There you go.

I should add that the original purpose of this blog was for a school assignment relating to how much of ourselves we expose, metaphorically speaking, on the internet.  I found the result disconcerting, as though I was prepared to be read but not misread.

Em oi! #289: Conan the Librarian in: Book Challenges

Normally I post these over here, but for some reason adding new comics is turned off right now.  Le sigh.

Em is right – you’re supposed to form an investigative committee (your library will probably have some guidelines on this) to determine if the claim has merit.  Personally I’m with Conan though.  Censorship of any kind is inappropriate.