Em oi! #344: Mazel Tov

The three Samurai? The three Muay Thai Fighters?

Although I’m not quite done with school, I attended the SLIS graduation ceremony this past Sunday. A friend’s father took this picture of several of us who are interested in South and Southeast Asian librarianship. (My spell-checker informs me that “librarianship” is not a word; not sure what to say instead–librarianism? Hm.) It was a lot of fun. I really felt like I was part of something, which (given my previous experience at UW-Madison) is unusual (for me, anyway).

Could I have put more parenthetical notations in that sentence?

Anyway, here is the picture I drew the above comic from. You can see I put glasses on myself because…well, I just don’t look right in my drawings without glasses.

This comic is filed under LB3065 .L86 2011, for Theory and practice of education–School administration and organization–School management and discipline–Graduation.