May I borrow your eyeballs?

I would like you to consider filling your field of view with my writing. Ideally you would read the stories I have created while your eyes are thus occupied. My name is Emily, and I am a writer.

E. H. Lupton is a riddle wrapped in a question, tucked inside an enigma, stuffed with cheese.

No wait, I heard she was mildly lactose intolerant. Let me try that again.

Trained by the Bene Gesseret, E. H. Lupton speaks five languages and knows six ways to kill you from where she’s standing. One of them involves using only her frown. Also, she can probably deadlift you if you weigh under 200 lbs.

Maybe not that either. Let’s start again.

E. H. Lupton is a writer living in Madison, WI. When not writing, she entertains herself by running really long, boring races, quilting, painting, and baking. A three-time graduate of UW-Madison, she holds a BA in philosophy and English and two MAs in library science and Thai studies; as a consequence, she now works in computers because it pays a lot better than the old philosophy factory down the street. Since 2007, she has drawn a comic titled “Em oi!” It can be seen on her blog, along with occasional book reviews and unnecessarily detailed stories about her long, boring races.

You can check out a somewhat awkward interview she did here. I heard she did it the same week she finished her MA thesis.