Em oi! #347: The Ride

For some reason having grease all over my hands makes my shoulders itch.

Last Saturday I biked 33 miles. This was Bryan’s response when I got back home…apparently the combination of (especially sticky) sunscreen, bike chain grease, and road grit picked up by the wind is not a great one.

After I got home I went to my cousin’s bridal shower in Chicago.  It was a lot of fun.  When I had to come home (I left at about 22:00–oops), my muscles had frozen up from exercise plus sitting around all day,  so I had weird leg cramps all the way home.  Lacking a heating pad or any sort of ibuprofen, I tried to warm them with my coffee cup.  It worked about as well as you might expect.

I don’t know why I made my shirt that color.  Not only do I not own anything that color, I actively hate it and would not only never wear such a color but would actively discourage any friends, relatives, and potential future offspring from wearing it.  I guess I grabbed the wrong marker.

There’s a special trick to going up and down hills like these–and yes, they really are that steep.  Any eleven year old knows the trick: don’t brake on the way down, then pedal furiously as you hit the lowest point of the valley and start climbing the other side again.  It has taken me something like two years of biking this course to get to where I can really do that without freaking out.  This is possibly because the idea of falling off my bike at speed freaks me out.

File this one under: HE5736 .L86 2011, for:

Transportation and communications — Bicycles — General works.

(Previously: HE5736 .L86 2010a, HE5736 .L86 2010, and GV1048 .L86 2010.  I don’t know why I cataloged#312 under GV1048–HE5736 seems like a better category overall.)