I have created the following index of all the LCC numbers used for comics drawn and posted here between 2009-2012:

The following DDC numbers were also used:

Then I decided I don’t like DDC much and stopped compiling the numbers.

A few  notes about these LCC numbers:

  1. Strictly speaking, because these are all literature (I know) and I’m an author who lives in the 21st century, they should all be classed as follows: PS3612.U68 .[Title Cutter] 201[x].
  2. This is because the point of classifying things is to collate by author (in the case of literature, anyway) so that someone who is looking for an author’s works can find all of them in one place.
  3. However, I decided to class the comics by subject since it’s more interesting that way.
  4. Also I guess “Lupton” should Cutter out as L87 instead of L86, but who’s counting.  What table was I looking at?  Oh man.  If you look at the DDC numbers, you’ll see that I couldn’t Cutter “Lupton” correctly on the Sandborne tables to save my life, so I guess I just got locked into L86 and decided to go with it.
  5. Anyway, I should probably be getting to bed now.  It’s getting late.
  6. Oh, this includes the last comic of 2010 that was lacking a call number.  I haven’t classed the 2011 ones yet, but everything through the end of last year is taken care of.
  7. The most popular comic was: HC79.C63 L86 2010 (#322). Also, incidentally, the most popular post in the last year, getting 78 views in one day.  The second most popular was #289, Conan the Librarian.(It lacks a call number because I didn’t start doing them until 2010.)
  8. “But no other room displayed the meticulous solemnity of the library, the sanctuary of Dr. Urbino until old age carried him off.  There, all around his father’s walnut desk and the tufted leather easy chairs, he had lined the walls and even the windows with shelves behind glass doors, and had arranged in an almost demented order the three thousand volumes bound in identical calfskin with his initials in gold on the spines.” (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera)

Further updates:

  1. As of 10 June 2012, all comics currently posted on the blog that have been given an LCC number should be indexed here. There are some comics that weren’t assigned an LCC number and thus aren’t indexed here.
  2. #289, Conan the Librarian in: Book Challenges is still the most popular comic of all time, with 253 views.
  3. #304, The Meaning of Wife (Book Review) is the most popular comic of the last 12 months.