Em oi! #370: Up to Our Old Tricks

Put a bird on it, guys.
Big Fucking Heroes.

(Click to view an incredibly large version.) And that was how we set off an EMP that foiled an alien invasion and also messed up communications over most of the west coast.

This comic took forever. I think you can tell why. I wrote the script back when we were in Salt Lake City. Actually, I wrote it on the plane back to Madison. Then I started to draw it…and then I started working on preliminary thesis research. B thinks that more abstract comics like this are “the way to go,” or at least what I should be doing more frequently, but they tend to be long and therefore time consuming.

We’ll file this under BF2050 .L86 2012 for Occult sciences—Human-alien encounters. Contact between humans and extraterrestrials—General works.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, at least if you celebrate that holiday. We cooked for 10 people…actually we cooked for 30, but we invited 10. Next year, maybe we’ll make a bit less food (we made: risotto stuffed in a kabocha squash, roasted Brussels sprouts with cranberries and a balsamic glaze, oven-fried potatoes with pearl onions, roasted root vegetables, challah, camenbert en croute, and roasted garlic. Also people brought lots of stuff.). As I realized halfway through, most people are not as excited about Brussels sprouts as I am. (Well, they’re wrong.)

For dessert we wound up with: apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate marble cheesecake, caramel brownies, clementines, and strawberries. And frozen yoghurt. It turns out that despite the “live and active yoghurt cultures,” frozen yoghurt doesn’t agree with my poor lactose intolerant intestines. I guess I need to get some lactase pills–the leftover froyo isn’t going to eat itself.

It’s interesting…in Thai, the holiday is referred to as “วันขอบคุณพระเจ้า” literally “The day to thank G-d.” In English we just say “Thanksgiving,” i.e. “Giving Thanks,” without specifying to whom we are giving thanks. Personally I took the opportunity to give thanks to…well, my family, mostly, for coming to my house and letting me cook an absurd amount of food for them.