Em ơi! #320: Bears, bears, bears

Finally another comic.  This one files under QL795.B4 L86 2010, for Zoology — Animal behavior — Stories and anecdotes — Special.  By common name of animal, A-Z — Bears.  You can read some articles about the bears here and here.  It turns out black bears are pretty harmless (they like to eat fruit, not runners), and there haven’t been any mentions of them in the paper since the beginning of the summer, so I’m probably safe.

My favorite new classification is officially HQ76.965.B42, for The Family. Marriage. Woman–Human sexuality. Sex–Sexual minorities–Homosexuality. Lesbianism–Gay and lesbian culture–Special topics, A-Z–Bears. I just found it while I was looking the QL795 one up.  I will have to come up with something to file under that.

So here we are, six weeks into the marathon training cycle (actually, as of today, I’m midway through week 7).  The cycle itself is 13 weeks — well, it would have been twelve, but I messed up the dates.  Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to see a snapshot of what my last week looked like, training-wise.

Monday: Off from running; biked 17.3 mi (my normal commute), lifted weights (back and triceps)

Tuesday: 6.5 mi total – 3.2 mi in the morning (8.5 min/mi), 3.3 mi in the afternoon (10.5 min/mi)

Wednesday: 3×2 mi at marathon pace (8:20 per mile or faster) with half a mile of recovery between each segment (at 8:48 or so).  Today went slightly farther than 7 mi total when I accidentally reset the dreadmill.  Biked 10 miles (to school but not back).

Thursday: AM- 3 mi (9.2 min/mi), PM – 4.4 mi (9.7 min/mi)

Friday: biked 17.3 mi, ran 5.2 mi (10.4 min/mi)

Saturday: 18.8 mi (9.8 min/mi)

Sunday: 6 mi (8.8 min/mi) [2/4 track/treadmill]

Total: 50.9 mi, 8:03:32, overall paced 9.5 min/mi.

It’s all over the map, despite my attempts to focus on speed this cycle.  The benefits of running 51 miles per week, I will tell you, is that I totally eat cake all the time.

Well, I don’t, but I totally could.

The downside is that I’m often quite tired of an evening.  Tonight I was supposed to return a jar of pesto to the grocery store (it has anchovy paste in it.  Who does that?  Ick.)  But after I got done with my second run of the day (a 3-miler, bringing today’s total to 10.5 miles), I decided I was too tired and was going to spend my evening reading.

Anyway, my Vietnamese class is done for the summer, so I should be able to get comics up here with more regularity.  I hope you will all be pleased and plan your lives accordingly.

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