Em ơi!#328: Metacomical

This is why I don't draw feet.I had originally written that I was only seven inches shorter than Bryan (he is six feet even, I am 5′ 3″).  That is clearly wishful thinking.  Luckily (?) he caught it before we went to print (or, before I went to school and scanned this).

I’ll file this comic under BF697.5.S43 L86 2010 for Psychology—Differential psychology.  Individuality.  Self—Special aspects, A-Z—Self-perception.   Sadly, if LC has a heading for “Napoleon Complex,” I can’t find it.

In other news, I’m back to running.  Don’t tell my PT guy.

I’m kidding (sort of).  I’m just running more than his “build up” plan would want me to be doing…but I am taking it relatively easy.  Considering that I could do more than a half marathon without feeling sore before all this started, I’m pretty surprised when I’m aching after a five miler.  My muscles and lungs are still in shape…my ligaments are evidently now used to biking.  I guess it’s not about what I could do, it’s about focusing on the fact that I am allowed to run and have been doing so pain-free.  But this is pretty hard.

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