Em oi!#306: That Foucault Guy

There is some sort of philosopher threesome joke to be made here, but I ain't doin' it.

I drew this comic on Sunday, but it took me until today to actually get it colored and uploaded (I inked it on St. Patrick’s Day, hence the date).  It is probably no surprise that I am busy since we are getting married in approximately 48 hours.

I might have a comic up Saturday morning, and then one more before we head out on our honeymoon next week.  We’ll see.  Right now, I should really go sleep or something.

Oh, about my 5k last Sunday: my goal going in was to finish in 24:00.  Instead, I finished in 22:57 (7:24 per mile pace), good enough for 9th in my age group and 15th among women.  I thought I was pretty hot shit, but then I passed a seven year old in the last two blocks, so clearly not that cool.  You can click here to check out some incredibly hilarious photos of me in the final stretch.  If I look kind of unhappy or like I’m going to throw up, that’s pretty accurate to how I was feeling at the time (didn’t barf, though).  You can see the seven year old in the background.

I guess I’m actually pretty pleased that I finished before he did.  It beats the alternative, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Em oi!#306: That Foucault Guy”

  1. when he was at berkeley, he gave a talk at the history department. and the historians all gathered around and said “you only looked at this one source, when there are twenty sources to the contrary that you don’t address! and this fact seems blatantly wrong!” to which foucault said, “don’t blame me, i’m just a lowly philosopher.” and then weeks later when he was giving a talk to the philosophy department, and they were ripping him to shreds about his argument, when he said “don’t blame me, i’m just a lowly historian.” of course, this is all apocryphal. as is the story that we saw his old lover walking around berkeley. but they’re fun to think about.

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