Em oi! #307: That’s Not My Name

They call me 'hell' /They call me 'Stacey' /They call me 'her' /They call me 'Jane'

This one has an odd layout, but I’m pleased by the art.

I don’t mean to sound mean to anyone who has referred to me as “Mrs. Metrish” or to those who gave us gifts addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Metrish.”  I understand the intention, I do.  It’s just a personal problem of mine, and I’ve had it ever since my mother taught me to formally address envelopes.  I feel like it eclipses the woman in some way, and while I’m happy to be married and view changing my name as an expansion of my identity, I am not into feeling like I’ve been erased in some way.

Emily Post is telling me I’m a bit wrong, by the way – it should be “Mr. Bryan Metrish and Ms. Emily Metrish” if I prefer Ms.  All right, there you go.  In business situations, Ms. is default unless you know for a fact the woman prefers Mrs.  And now you know my feelings on that.

I have spent some time working with the Library of Congress subject headings list and assigned the following subject heading and call numbers to this entry:

Subject headings: Married women–Names
Married women–Legal status, laws, etc.–United States–Names.

Call number: KF521.L8 2010

I will try to tag all my entries with a call number. I hope this will help.

B and I are off to the Bahamas on a cruise tomorrow.  Yay.

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