Em oi! #393: Domestic Dog Comics

The Great Sock Battle

Cul de sac problems

A few scenes that didn’t work exactly right on their own, so I thought I’d put them together. I have one more dog comic to do and then I’ll get back to drawing comics about philosophy and suchlike. And yes, Maya does actually stick her entire face into the snow and seem to be sniffing it. What is she smelling? I ask myself this constantly. What can she smell under there? 

We’ll file these under SF427.45 L86 2014, for Animal Culture–Pets–Dogs–Exercise and amusements.

Anyway, it’s the new year, and I have to admit that if another website I’ve had passing interactions with sends me a year-end summary, I’ll…delete it and be quite cross. (I mean, it’s an email, what can you do?) But to provide a few exciting(?) facts for you, my dear readers:

  1. This was the most popular comic of the last year.
  2. I ran 2,163.86 miles, biked 396.6 miles, and swam 291,425 yards (165.5 miles) last year. I missed my goal of 2,500 by just a bit, probably because of the whole plantar fasciitis thing.
  3. I ran nine different distances of race last year. The top times were: 24:40 (5k), 54:41 (5 mi), 50:25 (10k), 1:56:41 (20k), 2:00:07 (13.1 mi), 3:21:41 (20 mi), 4:08:43 (26.2 mi), 5:09:44 (50k). I placed in the top ten in five races, or in the top five in four!

That’s all my interesting things at the moment. Currently I have one race for the spring I’m actually signed up for (The Ice Age 50 mi/50k/half marathon [I’m doing the half marathon]), and two other races I’m pretty sure I’m going to do (the new duathlon and the Mad City 50k). My big goals are to hit 1:45:xx (or even 1:40!) for the half marathon and go sub-5 hours at the MC50k. And don’t get injured. Right.

The rest of my life is spent alternately searching for jobs and convincing myself that getting a job makes me an exploited tool of capitalism. So I guess actually I’m searching for jobs and alternately I’m reading and fomenting rebellion. Fun times. It has been cold here, but it turns out that I can run on the dreadmill and read at the same time, so I’ve been enjoying myself.

Em oi! #342: Stomach Troubles

Last comic about the dog, I swear.Ok, last comic about the dog for a while.  I had to eventually admit to myself that this one just isn’t going to get colored and put it up as-is.  Sorry about that.  I am too busy.  It is getting to be that time of the semester.

So yes, big announcement I had to make: I’ve been accepted to the Languages and Cultures of Asia MA program.  I’ll be studying Thai (language, literature, history, special interest in translation).  Officially this is a terminal MA program with some expectation that one will continue on to the Ph. D.  I have not yet determined whether I will apply for that option or not.

The stomach troubles associated with this comic’s creation are long past, but the effects linger on.  After 24 hours or so of getting food from the fridge instead of the bin in the mud room, Maya came to believe that when the fridge door opens, it means MAYA FOOD comes out.  Oops.  Us having to give her pills with peanut butter (our PB is kept in the fridge) didn’t help this impression.

This comic is filed under SF427.4.L86 S76 2011 for Animal culture–Pets–Dogs–Feeding.

It turns out that while there “Dogs–Religious aspects–Christianity” and “Dogs–Religious aspects–Islam” seem to be established as subject headings, there’s no “Dogs–Religious aspects–Judaism.”  Odd.  But I guess Jews don’t hold masses (like Catholics have done/still do sometimes) where animals get blessed or anything…

Anyway, next comic will be better, I promise.  And sooner.

Last comic about the dog, I swear.