Em oi! #308: Our Honeymoon, a Recap (part 3/3)

Part one is here, part two is here.

And then we lived happily ever after.  So far.So normally in this situation I would have said, “Let’s get a cab and go find some ritzy place to have lunch.”  But Bryan was on a diet consisting of a) bananas b) saltine crackers c) soup, so we couldn’t.  Neither did we think that hanging around in the sun was going to be the ticket to a good time.

The Orlando airport, on the public side of security, is a giant mall.  At one point we tried to find a travel chess set in one of the shops and failed, though we did find travel “Hungry Hungry Hippos ™” and about fifty different Sudoku books (alas, no Kakuro).  On the non-public side of security, it’s a wasteland.  Nary a *$ to be found (sad, since I wanted a chai latte).

Anyway, the flight home was fine and Bryan got better and we actually had a really good time, with the exception of that 24-hour period that Bryan was vomiting/unconscious (from the anti-emetic injection they gave him – it was a type which tends to make people sleepy as it acts on the brain to stop nausea – he slept in the cabin, I read The Satanic Verses on the deck and reminded him to drink a glass of Gatorade every hour or so).

Next week, a comic with fewer than 22 panels!  I am excited.

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