Em oi! #308: Our Honeymoon, a Recap (part 3/3)

Part one is here, part two is here.

And then we lived happily ever after.  So far.So normally in this situation I would have said, “Let’s get a cab and go find some ritzy place to have lunch.”  But Bryan was on a diet consisting of a) bananas b) saltine crackers c) soup, so we couldn’t.  Neither did we think that hanging around in the sun was going to be the ticket to a good time.

The Orlando airport, on the public side of security, is a giant mall.  At one point we tried to find a travel chess set in one of the shops and failed, though we did find travel “Hungry Hungry Hippos ™” and about fifty different Sudoku books (alas, no Kakuro).  On the non-public side of security, it’s a wasteland.  Nary a *$ to be found (sad, since I wanted a chai latte).

Anyway, the flight home was fine and Bryan got better and we actually had a really good time, with the exception of that 24-hour period that Bryan was vomiting/unconscious (from the anti-emetic injection they gave him – it was a type which tends to make people sleepy as it acts on the brain to stop nausea – he slept in the cabin, I read The Satanic Verses on the deck and reminded him to drink a glass of Gatorade every hour or so).

Next week, a comic with fewer than 22 panels!  I am excited.

Em oi! #308: Our Honeymoon, a Recap (part 1/3)

Bryan thinks I am way too bitter about the treadmill thing.

I don’t want to mislead anyone – we actually had great weather on the cruise, it was just Orlando (and the first couple of hours in Port Canaveral) that were cruddy.

The Quality Inn…well, it had like two stars on Hotels.com.  Bryan claims that it exactly matched his expectations.  It was mostly filled with frail looking old people when we came down to breaky the next morning.  And all that was on the news was a story about a guy who had claimed he had a bomb on a cruise ship (different line, though).  Good start.

More to come.

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