Em oi! #419: Question Spiral

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True story. I don’t know if I did something right here or not; maternal instinct: I do not have it. Six-year-old was adorable though.

I inked most of this on an airplane. (Also, sorry about the janky scanning; I did this with the Cam Scanner app on my phone at 30,000+ feet up.) As I write this, I’m lying on a bed in a hotel in Long Island, watching some stupid Food Network show and wishing the pressure in my sinuses would go away. I don’t really know what’s wrong with it. Possibly the airplane caused it to freak out. Hopefully that rather than the tooth I need to get removed acting up. New York: so awesome.

I guess I should get to bed. I took a Benedryl about an hour ago and now I’m knackered. Hope you are all having a good night and your sinuses are okay.

File this under BF723 D3 L86 2016, for Pyschology–Developmental psychology–Child psychology–Special topics, A-Z–Death.

2 thoughts on “Em oi! #419: Question Spiral”

  1. My sinuses are fine, thanks! 🙂

    People who taxidermy their pets scare me.

    1. There is something really weird about taxidermy full stop. However I suggested to B that if I die before he does, he should have me taxidermied and posed like a bear rampant. (It worked for Jeremy Bentham! Although he was not posed, other than sitting in a chair.)

      Also, sorry, this got caught in the spam queue. You should be good to comment going forward though. 🙂

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